Ask a woodworker how important a woodworking bench is, and they would tell you that it is quite salient when it comes to wood working. A strong bench vise acts like an extra long arm that can be used to hold a wooden stock really well as such making working really easy. When you are working on a piece of wood, it shouldn’t vibrate or else, you won’t be able to get smoother cuts as a result, you’ll need to work more on the piece than required.


An excellent woodworking bench is important to woodwork. As such, you must know the features that are important to woodworking benches before buying one. There are two types of bench vises, which includes ‘Front Vise’ and the ‘end vise’. The front vise is usually placed at the left side of the work bench and it is used to firmly hold horizontal board.


When purchasing a front vise, try as much as possible to buy one that comes with a cast iron. The two vises have two two jaws and a steel screw which can be used to adjust the width of wood. These two vises have two steel rods that keeps the jaws perfectly aligned. Another salient feature is that you should check for a quick release mechanism. This feature in particular makes it very easy for clamping different widths. The most width a front bench can take in is about 8 inches vise  which means that the maximum capacity is about 8 inches. As such, depending on the kind of work you wish to execute, be sure to look for a vise that can take in thick pieces of stock.

The most commonly used wood working on the other hand is the woodworking bench vise otherwise known as the ‘end vise’. It is normally attached to the extreme end of the workbench. Its primary function is to hold working materials flat on the bench. Logically, the end vise with screw and guide rod is the best choice. When looking or bench vises, in woodworking stress, you are most likely going to be confused with the things you see. But when you find out which Is more useful, most wood workers will say it’s the front vise because the way the clamp is arranged is very useful. The vises with pop-up dog on the outer part of the outer jaw are quite known to be used to hold a piece of wood. However, there are some end vises that can carry out the same task as the front vises.

In conclusion, before purchasing a woodworking bench vise, it is quite important to know the nature of your project before selecting which woodworking bench you want to use. If you realise that the woodworking bench is perfectly okay and it goes with the above features even if not all but at least 70%, you can go ahead and purchase the woodworking bench.

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