Over time, the cost of lumber in the market has risen which as a result forces lots of people as well as those who take pleasure in woodwork to figure out a means to get lumber at cheaper rate. Lots of people actually make use of already used wood for making something entirely new. As a matter of fact, there are quite a number of things you can venture into using scrap wood, which may include; birdhouses, boxes, shelves tables, toys etc.

As someone that works really well with woods, you are most likely going to derive pleasure in giving a new meaning and life to an old piece of wood. Nevertheless, you have to keep certain factors in mind which would allow you to know which would allow you determine which scrap wood is suitable for different projects. Which include;

Tips for selecting the best lumber for scrap wood constructions.

  1. It is important not to use a piece of scrap wood that has been affected by insects or termites. Such damage spreads quickly and destroy the scrap wood faster even when reconstructed.
  2. When you observe scrap woods, there are lots of screws and nails embedded in them, be sure to inspect the wood for any object that could affect the wood or hurt you while handling it. In addition, if you realize that the nails and screws in the scrap wood are too much and you feel it is worth your time, you can take time to remove them all for the project.
  3. Per adventure a scrap wood has paint or dirt on it, be sure to use a paint scraper to remove the dirt and paints on it. It is very important to carefully clean the piece before using them.
  4. It should be note that there may be chemical residue and germs on the scrap wood shipping pallets, be sure to be selective of the kind of pallet you make use of.

Top 3 links for scrap wood construction ideas:

This can be used in so many ways. You can decide to construct them into planters, or perhaps storage unit, depending on what appeals to you. Below is a useful link which can give you more insight on the 5 innovative ways of using apple crates. http://www.bobvila.com/articles/diy-with-apple-crates/#.VBM3dvmSySo

Below is another link that shares outstanding ideas on the use of scrap woods. Which ranges from bird houses to windows, as well as teaching you ways to dismantle and rebuild old wood.


Attached below is a link that redirects to a collection of awesome scrap wood project ideas. The ideas there ranges from wood signs, picture frames, wall art DIY flower box, etc. The link has lots of ideas the could inspire the construction of new scrap wood projects.



Be sure to check the above links for more amazing scrap wood construction ideas.

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