Woodwork is quite pleasurable when you have the proper wood project plan to work with. Finding the proper source isn’t a difficult task. Although there are lots of sources online that offer woodworking plans for free and claim to be quite credible, sadly some are credible while others are not. This piece is targeted towards selecting the best sources for you out of hundreds of source available online. Now, we would be sharing plans from ‘woodworking for mere mortals’ website. This site is an awesome source for obtaining plans for woodworkers. On this site, you will obtain functional project plans and a step by step instruction that you can follow.

Below are the top 3 woodwork project plans obtained from woodworking for mere mortals:


Lots of people tend to look utmost support while climbing stool. Thus, instead of using nearby furniture as support, you could actually build a support stool. The handle attached to the step stool serves the purpose of support and also do more. Also, you don’t necessarily have to drag the stool, you can use the handle to carry it anywhere you like. This project can actally be completed within a few hours. Are you possibly wondering how this is possible, click the link below for project plans and lots of video tutorials on how to go about it.



Everyone loves to eat on something while watching the tv or perhaps reading a book. There are times that you would want your eatables to be close to you while you do other things. Dragging a big coffee table across he living room isn’t such a great idea. Instead you cold make an awesome sofa snack table that could be within arm’s reach. You wouldn’t have to worry about the huge size of the table. To create this table, you can also follow the same pattern of design in the link below or perhaps you can customize the design to your taste. http://www.woodworkingformeremortals.com/2014/03/make-sofa-snack-table-for-your-living.html


There are times you would want to make gifts for either your loved one or spouse or mom. They also deserve to benefit from the goodies of the woodworking as well. Peradventure you are looking for the best idea, you can make an awesome country spice rack. The best thing about it is that it only takes a couple of hours to construct. In addition, you can as well customize the design into something awesome peradventure you have a strong wood working experience. For more info on how to create this wood work, check the link below for step by step instruction and videos.



Thus, the above are the top 3 different site on wood project plans on woodwork for mere mortal. It should be noted that there are lots of website that offer this service for free but not all these websites are as credible as the ones listed above. Be sure to browse through the link in order to get valid information.


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