It is quite creative and engaging when kids venture into creativity at a very young age. It would help direct their energy and mind into something constructive. Everyone knows that kids love it when they try out new things and most times get excited about it. Peradventure your kids’ shows lots of interest in woodworking, it is very important that you engage them in this line of work. This kind of project does not only help their creative instinct but also helps them to master number and use their hands effectively.

In as much your kids adhere to every basic safety precautions, then you have nothing to worry about. In addition, the kind of project you pick for your kids must fit their age.


The below ideas will definitely motivate you and your kids to construct creative with wood.

  1. Bird House

Lots of kids love bird houses, peradventure you build a bid house for them, they will be happy. This kind of project will require them to cut wood and measure it, As such, be sure that there’s someone amidst them with the knowledge of wood working to guide them while they work on the wood.

  1. Wall Hanger for key

Peradventure you want to start a project that doesn’t require much energy for cutting and measuring, then the wall key hanger is the best choice. All that is required is to select a good proportioned part of the scrap wood, be sure to smoothen the surface and fix a few metal/iron on it. After doing this, you may paint it and give it a nice finishing touch.

  1. Wooden signs

Most times we use these wooden as a welcome symbol into our houses. If this the case, why not allow your kid to be in the making if this wood work? The process is similar to that of the wall hanger for keys. Select a good wood, smoothen it and write something nice on it.

  1. Safe box

The safe box is mostly referred to as memory box by kids and kids can take up the task of making a great box. It’s a very simple design that doesn’t involve rigorous cutting and it is best for kids. Most kids always love the end result.

  1. Tree House

Peradventure you are looking for a construction idea that you can engage your grown up kids in, then a tree house is the perfect idea. A tree house always fascinate kids to become more creative. As such you can possibly let them have fun while they learn something creative.

Now, the above are the top 5 best woodworking ideas for your kids. Involving them in woodworking/creative action helps them to grow in so many ways; they will get to learn about numbers, creativity, take measurements and also help in primary mathematical calculations. Beyond reasonable doubts, many kids respond positively to this kind of creative activity and it increases their cognitive capacity.


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