One of the most classic pieces of furniture that are usually found in most houses is a gun cabinet. If you want to stylishly display your guns and weapons, you will need to display them in a manner they will appeal greatly to people. Guns are not usually given the due spaces in most houses – you may discover them tucked under the bed or pushed in one corner of a wardrobe or cabinet. In different spots, you may discover them simply laid across plain looking racks. Such provision isn’t at all perfect for guns. That is the reason we have handpicked some perfect plans that you can use to create your gun cabinet. With this type of cabinet, you will be able to store your guns the right way they should be stored and displayed

Here are the three woodworking plans for making gun cabinet


1.Display Cabinet for Firearms from Popular Mechanics:

This is one of the perfect plans to be considered when making a gun cabinet. It has all the qualities that ought to be included in a piece of furniture of this nature. Strong cherry and cherry plywood are mostly used to construct this. It will undoubtedly take the guns stockpiling to another level. To maintain perfect security, all the entryways and drawers are built with locks and every rack is lit by a low voltage incandescent light. When you consider all these features, you will realize that this project is not meant for beginners. On the off chance that you have constructed a cabinet before, that will definitely give you an advantage. In case you are new to woodworking, we propose you study this plan. For more details about this plan, visit:



  1. Oak Gun Cabinet from Plans Now:

Oak Gun Cabinet from Plans Now is another gun cabinet plan you can purchase. This type of gun cabinet is made so that you can easily store and display your gun collection, and it can also be changed to an ordinary cabinet later. Learn more about this plan by clicking on this link

  1. Wooden Gun Cabinet from Lees Wood Projects:

In the event that the above firearm plans didn’t meet your expectations, this will definitely do. This is an extraordinary looking cherry weapon cabinet that lets you display your guns in a classic way. There is a glass show where you can put 6 rifles and the drawers gives you adequate space to putting away handguns, ammo and different stuffs. Click on the link for more details.


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