As an amateur or professional woodworker, if you would need to carry out projects that require different shapes, design groves etc. then you are definitely going to need a wood router. With a perfect router for woodworking, you can effectively work with ease. On a normal ground, there are two different types of router, that could be used for wood working It includes a fixed base and a plunge router. The plunge router is known to be way more advanced compared to the fixed one. But both are capable of carrying out the basic job of a router.

Although the fixed base has quite a number of limitations since its stationary is based. It should be note that the depth of the fixed base has to be set before you start working But a plunge based router depth can be changed even while the router is still running. As a beginner in wood working, a fixed router is the best option. However, professional woodworker prefer the plunge router because of the effectiveness it offers. Since the Plunge is more advanced, and it is more expensive than the fixed based.

When you’ve decided whether you want a fixed router or a plunge based router, its high time you considered other salient factors which includes speed, motor power, collet diameter etc. this piece will enlighten you with the right knowledge on how to choose the best router for your woodworking.


The above are some of the most important factors that you should consider before deciding to buy a router for wood working. As for beginners, they can start with a fixed based router with a 2 HP. When a beginner is well experienced, you then can begin to use a plunge base router. In addition, it is quite important to adhere to all safety instructions.


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