Hand tools are indispensable for wood workers. Even as an expert woodworker, you need woodworking hand tools but in case of capital projects you have to make use of woodworking power tools in executing the project. Even while using heavy tools, you shouldn’t forsake the use of hand tools. Woodworking hand tools can actually achieve the same result as power tools. Although this may be hard to believe but it is feasible all it requires is practice and technique. This piece tries to explain the various functions of various woodworking tools, and listed the must have working tools as an amateur.

Below are the top 5 woodworking tools;


The chisel has two parts; the metal part (blade) and the rubber part (handle). The metal part can  be sharpened from time to time, in case it goes blunt. The chisel can be used to remove unwanted timber.it can also be used to carve wood. The force is applied at the rubber part of the chisel by user’s hand and then use a mallet to strike it. The force applied on the chisel depends on the depth of at which chisel can go.


Clamps are also called cramps. There are quite a number of clamps available, which may include; Pipe clamps, bar clamps, G clamps etc. Basically, they perform the same functions. A clamp is generally used to hold wood pieces together in a secure way. It can also be used in situations when adhesive needs to be dried or applied. Clamps allows for stable work environment. Although there are also methods of constructing one’s clamp. Blueprints are available on various sites as per how to build a pipe clamp.


The Hammer is actually the most common and most important hand tool. It is used to apply fierce force on a surface in other to achieve a particular result. Although the main purpose may be to break a piece of wood or perhaps drive a nail into a wood or apply force to join two different piece of wood together. The hammer’s head is made of a strong metal and the handle as well is covered with rubber in order to ensure a good grip of the hammer.


The mallet is quite similar to hammers. A may be made from wood or rubber depending on the manufacturer. This only implies that it can be used to apply force, without damaging the wood being worked on. The mallet comes in different sizes and can be purchased at any store around you.


This tool in particular is very necessary for a wood worker. The hand saw has a blade and a handle with a sharp end. They are used to cut wood in angled or straight manner. Although power saws are also available but may be hard to use by a beginner, as such it is best to use a hand saw as a beginner. The handsaws also come in different types and size.

The above tools are very important to beginner woodworkers and also professionals. The most important thing is handling the tools properly.

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