One of the most interesting pieces of furniture for all woodworkers is a bookcase, in fact, a woodworker who plans to take woodworking as a career must be well grounded in various woodworking plans that can be used to build a bookcase. There are a lot of bookcase plans that are well-arranged and structured to be used by woodworking enthusiasts. Building a bookcase is one of the easiest pieces of furniture that should be considered, plus you are not going to spend a lot on it. Another benefit of owning a bookcase is that you can use it to serve our purposes. In view of this, we have selected about five interesting bookcase plans for you. How about you check them out.

The Following Are the Five Bookcase Plans:

  1. Simple Bookcase from Popular Mechanics

Just in case you are looking for a well explained piece of information on how to successfully build a bookcase, then this plan is for you, especially if you are new to woodworking.  The various steps you would follow are well explained, the needed tools and the nature of lumber to use are also discussed in details. Just click on the link offered below for more details

  1. Bookcase Plan from Family Handyman

This elegant bookcase plan from Family Hanydy also comes out to be a very simple plan on how to build a bookcase. With biscuits and a miter saw, you are good to go with this plan. The good thing about this plan is that you can do this together with your children. The fact that you will be making use of some sophisticated tools demands that you need to learn some few things. Click on the link below to get started with this plan.



  1. Oak Bookcase from Start Woodworking Magazine

Just in case you are looking for a perfect and interesting bookcase, then you should consider this. A video tutorial that contains the various steps you need to know before you can get started with this plan awaits you once you are able to click on the link offered below.


  1. Old House’s Integrated Bookcase

On the off chance that you are looking for a woodworking plan that will help you build a bookcase that can be fixed against the wall, then you should consider this plan from Old House. This plan won’t demand too much from you in terms of skills and resources from; just with a saw and some veneer plywood, you are good to go. Kindly visit the link offered below for more details.


  1. Ana White’s Cubby Bookshelf

Do you desire a woodworking plan that will help you build an elegant bookshelf that is adjustable? Then you need to consider this plan. You will also get to create some space within this bookcase which could be used to store other materials. Kindly visit the link offered below.

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