Just in case you are in need of some woodworking plans that will help you build amazing bunk beds, then this article is for you. We have actually handpicked about four woodworking plans that will assist you even as you plan to build your own bunk bed. More than ever before, a lot of people have shown a level of interest towards owning a bunk bed; the reason for this cannot be farfetched. Bunk beds help to have enough space, especially if you are living in a very small apartment, plus they look trendy. If you happen to be a woodworker, you are definitely going to be thinking about how to build your own bunk bed so you won’t be wasting your money buying it from another person.

All the plans we have handpicked for you will require a level of experience. However, with your past experiences on woodworking, plus the detailed plans we have got for you, you can easily make one within two to three days. How about you check them out.

  1. DIY’s Bunk Bed Plan

Although, there are a lot of stylish bunk bed plans, this one will definitely catch your attention even at a glance. This comes with a ladder, and two bunks that placed directly over each other. With less than $500, you have already gotten yourself a bunk bed of this plan, although this is actually if you would be building it all alone. Click on the link offered below for more details about this plan.



  1. Bunk Bed from AOL

A bunk bed of this nature explains why bunk beds are in high demand. In the event that you are living in a very small apartment, getting a bunk bed should be your target, because this will loosen up more space for you, especially in your room. There is a video tutorial attached to this plan. Click on the link offered below to get the video plus other details.



  1. Side Street Bunk Bed Plan from Ana White

If you are an aspiring woodworker and you have not visited Ana White’s website, then you might just be missing a whole lot of things. Ana white offers a lot of basic plans that are pure practical. Check the link offered below to see everything you need to know about this plan.



  1. The Design Confidential’s Bunk Bed

This is another elegant bunk bed plan from the Design Confidential’s site.  This is just a type of woodworking plan you should be looking for if you desire to transform your loft bed into a bunk bed. Click on the link offered below for more details.


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