No doubt, a bed is one of the essential pieces of furniture that should be part of our rooms. We all need a cosy environment to sleep and a cosy bed provides us this benefit. If you are living in a small apartment, you will realize that about a larger part of your room is occupied by your bed. However, it is very possible to have a bed in your room while you still have enough space where other pieces of furniture can be put. Although, these types of beds will require that you are fit to use a ladder like feature to climb unto your bed.

We have selected 4 loft bed plans that are completely free for you. The good thing about these plans is that they are available in different styles. How about you check them out.


The following are the free Loft Mattress Plans:

  1. Loft bed with Bookcase and desk:

If you need a loft bed that is ideal for your kids, then you need to consider this plan. If you have this in your kid’s room, there will be enough space for your children to play, a comfy mattress to sleep on, there will also be enough space where your kid to put other essential pieces of furniture. A loft bed of this plan can also be painted. You can easily access this plan from Ana White. Click on the link beneath for info.


  1. Loft bed for Grown-ups from Wooden Gears:

One of the problems commonly encounter when living in a small apartment is the need to have more space for other things in the room. So, this is exactly why we have come up with this plan for you. This plan is okay to allow you have a big space in your room. Check out the plan and we are positive that this will definitely meet your need.

  1. Jays Custom Creation’s Full Size Loft Bed

Full size loft bed is another beautiful plan you can get for your children. This one is quite robust if you use the proper timber and may support 2 hundred+ lbs quite without difficulty. Click on the link beneath to see the plan, tool listing, materials, and a whole set of training

  1. Loft Bed with Integrated Book Shelf Ladder from Instructables:

Loft bed with integrated book shelf ladder from Instructables.Com is another elegant plan you should get for your kids. The instructions to follow are well constructed and arranged. So, with this simple plan, you can easily make one for your children and in a matter of days, you are done.  Follow the link offered below to learn more about the plan.

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