Beyond reasonable doubt, a wood worker requires many tools in order to be able to carry out wood projects. If peradventure the project is a complex one, then using power tools is paramount. The first set of tools a wood worker must have is the hand woodworking tool. It is very important that a wood worker possess the right hand tools in order to be able to effectively executive projects.


Claw Hammer: The first tool that is required to be owned by a woodworker is the claw hammer. It has an head and a claw like-figure on its other end. On side of the hammer is smooth enough to be used to hit the head of a nail while the other may be used to remove the nail. The normally recognized size of a claw hammer is 20 oz.

Tape Measure: In order to be able to effectively execute woodworking projects, one has to take perfect measurements of several part of the wood project. i.e having a measuring tape to make measurements is a must. A quality retractable tape should be about 25 ft long.

Layout Square: This tool particularly proves useful in marking cuts (square) and also measuring different angle. Be sure to buy a layout square that is made of metal and are very durable. A 6 inch layout square is perfect.

Screw Driver: it’s a normal thing for everyone to own a screwdriver but as a wood worker it is imperative that they have a lot of it in different shapes and sizes. Be sure that the screw drivers you stock up are quality.

Chisels: chisels are very important when it comes to woodworking. It is very important that on chooses a chisel that is made of alloy carbon steel and comes with a very firm hardwood at the grip. A good woodworker is meant to have them is various sizes.

Level: A level allows a woodworker to know if a surface is flat. Originally, 48 inches is an ideal length for woodworking.

Block pane: It is used for several purposes such  as flattening a wood, chamfering, shaping etc. be sure to get a quality block pane.

Nail set: A nail set takes the form of a small chisel. Basically, it is used to drive a nail into the wood.

Utility Knife:  This is quite a small woodworking tool but quite useful. It can be used to clean hinges, scribing woods etc.

Hand Saw: A good woodworker is required to have good quality handsaws in their toolkit. There are a variety of them which includes coping and tenon saw, handmiter saw, dovetail etc.

The above is the list of primary hand wood tools that is important to have as a woodworker in order to be able to carry out a perfect wood work.  Although, the list isn’t exhaustive enough, nevertheless, they are the basic tools for woodworking. There are other tools depending on the nature of the project.

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